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want to sell my new micromax x620 mobile. only 3 days used. no problem. all ok. i will provide you head phone, charger, warrenty card. 12 months warrenty left. threre is not a single problem. u can trust me. price is 100% fixed. please do no call for bargaining. take it or leave it.


Micromax can be considered as a quite new member in the mobile phone business comparing to many other popular brands in Bangladesh like Nokia or Samsung. But although they are quite new in the business, they were able to win a big market. This Indian company is offering android devices in very affordable price. As Bangladesh is a developing country and the android craze in enormous, they have got pretty quick response from the market.


This company primarily focuses on the mobiles, tablets, computers and similar kind of electronic devices. They started their journey in the year of 2000 as an IT software company. But now they have extended their business in many different countries. They entered into the mobile phone market in 2008 and started to produce devices with innovative features.

The company was founded by the joint venture of four friends. And now there are 22% share in the market of this company. And they are determined to increase this by offering some excellent features. Even they are the first mobile company who offered 30 day battery backup for a mobile. The concept of the dual SIM also worked for them.

Price & innovation

But the most important thing for this company is pricing. They are very strategic and they launch the mobile phones at a very low price. But their features are rich. So this technique really helped them to step forward faster.

The amazing 30 day battery backup mobile phone was X1i. Another excellent device is the universal remote control phone X235 which can be used as remote control for TV, air conditions, DVD players. And they are now getting them ready to make a place in the android market. They are following the same strategies. Lately they are producing smartphones named the Canvas series.

So all these amazing features proves that they are about to make a huge impact on the mobile market.

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