Saturday, 31 December 2016

Unlock J510FN SM-J510FN Unlock Factory Unlock operation costs 220 Octopus credits per phone

Factory Unlock operation costs 220 Octopus credits per phone. Credits can be purchased at GsmServer, or from your local reseller. Process time: 0-8 hours.
To perform «Factory Unlock» You need to do the next:
1. Go to «Support & Options» tab in Software.
2. Press «Factory Services (Reset FRP / Unlock)» button.
3. Select UART interface and connect power on device to Box via UART cable (Samsung C3300k/C3303k micro UART cable with 525-530kOm resistor).
4. Press «Factory Unlock» button and follow the Software instructions. If Software cannot read necessary data from the phone via UART, please select USB interface, connect the phone via USB cable and repeat "Factory Unlock" operation.
5. Factory Unlock process can take 0-8 hours. If the phone will not be unlocked instantly, run the Software in a few hours later, press «Status and History»/«Re-frash» buttons and check unlock status.
6. When status is «Ready», press «Factory Unlock» button again - phone is now unlocked
7. If device still requests unlock code - enter 00000000 (8 zeroes) code.

Currently there are no known side effects of Factory Unlocking.

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