Saturday, 31 December 2016

Best Solution Of 2017 How to Set Virtual Location on Unjailbroken iPhone?

Best Solution Of 2017 How to Set Virtual Location on Unjailbroken iPhone?
iOS10 has been released but no official tool supports jailbreaking iOS10 at present. Can we set virtual location on our unjailbroken iPhone? Please keep on reading and find the solution.

In principle, we could modify the map data of backup data to add an option to set virtual location. This solution applies to iOS7 to iOS10. The virtual location is fixed without changing with space and the simulative location applies any App. If you want to restore, you could reboot your device.

1. Download the latest 3uTools and properly connect your iPhone to your PC. Click iDevice→Backup/Restore→Backup iDevice.

2. After backup, click "Backup/Restore"→"Backup Management", and click the backup data before. Click "View Now".

3. On “Backup Viewer”, click Apps and roll down to find “”.

4. Click Library→Preferences, and you can see “” file and open it.

5. As below, roll down to the bottom, copy and paste the below codes before the codes </dict> and </plist>;
Confirm with alignment and click “Save”.

6. Then we need to restore the backups to the device. Click Backup/Restore→Restore Data, and choose the revised data, click “Restore Now”. Just wait patiently.

7. Now we open iPhone default Maps and input a random location, we could see “Simulate Location” at the bottom of the screen which means the location is virtual now.

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